The Five Starr Builders GREEN TEAM

The metal building industry is beginning to recognize the value of healthy homes and environmentally responsible projects. Breakthroughs in building science, technology, and operations are now available to builders and owners who want to build green and maximize both economic and environmental performance.

Why Build GREEN?
The environmental impact of the residential sector is significant, with over 120 million homes in the United States accounting for 22% of the total energy and 74% of the water consumed nationwide. Levels of indoor air pollutants can often be four to five times greater than outdoor levels. The residential sector also contributes 21% of U.S. carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Green homebuilding addresses these issues by promoting the design and construction of homes and buildings that have much higher performance levels than homes built to the minimum building codes. In other words, Build GREEN to have a structure that is:

  • More Energy Efficient
  • Healthier
  • Reduced Impact on the Environment

What is Green Building?

The Green Building process is broken down into eight categories. Within each category, there are numerous applications that may be employed to create a Greener metal building and/or home.

    1. Innovation & Design Process: This category is utilized during the design of the structure. During this phase, special design methods, taking into account our East Texas climate, are used to seek out unique designs and ideas that will improve the performance and environmental impact of your home.


    1. Location & Linkages: This category is generally associated with new building projects and addresses the placement of the the building in socially and environmentally responsible ways in regards to the larger community.


    1. Sustainable Sites: The Sustainable Sites category investigates what may be done in order to minimize the building’s impact on the site. This category includes items such as landscaping, hardscaping, recycling, and erosion among others.


    1. Water Efficiency: Water conservation practices, both indoor and outdoor are addressed in Water treeEfficiency. Examples include aerators, roof water flow, water conservation and harvesting.


    1. Energy & Atmosphere: This category concerns energy efficiency, particularly in the building envelope and heating and cooling design. For example, Five Starr Builders uses insulation designed by NASA to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.


    1. Materials & Resources: The Materials and Resources category looks into the efficient utilization of materials, selection of environmentally preferable materials, and minimization of waste during construction.


    1. Indoor Environmental Quality: For residential structures this means improvement of indoor air quality by reducing the creation of and exposure to pollutants is the focus of this category.


    1. Awareness & Education: This category involves educating the homeowner about the operations and maintenance of the green features in the home.


Who Can Build GREEN?

Everyone can adopt Green building into their building. Five Starr Builders will perform an evaluation of your building project, discuss potential green applications suited for it, and provide a detailed cost evaluation for implementing those changes most important to you. Contact Luke Waymeyer at 936-689-9605 to schedule your complementary custom building evaluation today.

How Much Does Green Building Cost?

Green buildings are the only buildings built by Five Starr Builders and rely upon established, proven design features and technologies that meet or beat the costs for a non-green building of the same specifications. In fact, many green measures will reduce long term costs. See out Low Price Guarantee which shows that we will meet or beat any competitor’s costs. Why build green? WHY NOT?