Do you feel traditional houses are becoming too expensive? You are not alone! The rising cost of traditional houses has put them out of reach of a large number of Americans. A great alternative, without compromising on comfort, is pole barn buildings. And, when it comes to pole barn constructions in Texas, look no further than Five Starr Builders – Houston.

Our pole barn and metal barn homes are far from the rustic barns you might imagine. These are elegant constructions that can be fitted with everything you need.

Why Pole Barn Buildings are perfect for you

There are a number of reasons that make pole barn buildings an attractive option.

Ease of Construction

A pole barn building is much easier to construct than traditional houses. And, when you choose Five Star Metal Builders, your dream building would be up in no time.


Pole barn buildings can be used for a number of purposes. They are particularly great for agricultural purposes. Because of the unique construction of our pole barns, the installation of feed and tack rooms becomes easy.


The low cost of a pole barn building means more funds for other things you might be thinking of buying. These pole barn buildings are extremely energy efficient. All our steel barn homes have a six-inch external wall, which can house all the plumbing and wiring needed.


The amazing design of our pole barn homes mean that you do not need any load bearing walls. This allows you to get the maximum space for every dollar spent by you.


All pole barn homes and steel barn homes built by Five Starr Builders – Houston are built to last. They can withstand anything that comes their way, be it strong winds, rain or heat. Because of the flexibility of the wooden frame, it can even withstand light tremors.

The Best Crew and Materials

We at Five Starr Builders – Houston, strive to provide all our customers with only the best. That is why we only use high quality materials, including concrete, doors, windows and sheet metal. Our versatile design and modern painting techniques take our buildings one notch higher.

We also take great pride in our construction crews. All the members of our crews are trained locally and are highly experienced. Contact us and get your building from the best pole barn builders in Houston, TX.