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Please read some of what our customers have to say about us:

“Just wanted to drop you a line to commend your company on a job well done. Forman Luke Waymeyer was available and kept the job on schedule. Each crew leader was professional and with total job knowledge. Each crew member was proficient in their assigned tasks, no wasted motion or material. We consider these great accomplishments in this day and age, when in most instances a good work ethic is no longer important. Should the opportunity arise, we would recommend your company and product to others.”

-Jack and Lynn, Montgomery, Texas

“I recently had a 30′ x 40′ Building erected by Five Starr Builders. The guys are the most professional, detailed group of individuals I have had the pleasure of watching work in a very long time. The framing, concrete and metal crews are each individualized and each one has one purpose in mind. That is to give you the best building in the industry. It is simply amazing to watch these guys at work. They show up, erect the building, and do the metal fabrication each on separate days. Each crew does a super clean up of all materials and remnants of their visit. Simply astonishing how synchronized they are. I will certainly recommend them to all my family, friends and neighbors.”
-Larry, Riverside, Texas

“I highly recommend Five Starr Builders to those building a metal outbuilding. Jeff was always reliable and friendly. He not only provided accurate and on-budget estimating, but he helped me with some ideas on the placement of my building that I had not thought of before. I will definitely recommend this company to my colleagues in the future.“
-Kathy, Houston, Texas

“Jeff and Luke took all the guesswork out of my hay barn construction. We found a great building that suited my property and my budget, all the construction was on time and the crew was very professional.”
-Derek, Conroe, Texas

“Your building speed was more like that of a NASCAR pit crew! I was so impressed with the speed and accuracy of your building process that I called my wife in from the kitchen to come out and look. Wow – Dinner and a show! Great job Five Starr Builders!”
-Jason and Connie, Livingston, Texas